Questions about PVP and ganking.

I recently traded my vulture out for a fer de lance and a mamba since I wasn’t enjoying my vulture load out. The mamba was build more for multi purpose use and the fer de lance combat and maybe PVP.

Tonight I decided to fly the FDL over to deciat to see who would eventually rip me out of supercruise (I didn’t have an interdictor on my ship)

Note: I’m flying an effectively stock FDL only engineered PowerPlant, FSD and g2 shield, with a completely stock load out of 2 medium beams and 3 multi cannons.

Eventually I got interdicted by an assault ship, I tried to fight the interdiction, but eventually i got a critical FSD failure which ripped me out anyway after about a minute. As I drop I put everything into thrusters and turn FA off and boost away, as I know this guy is using frag cannon (dazzle shell) and plasma accelerators (don’t know what modifier but they didn’t seem to like my shields)

I tried to fight as best I could using thrusters to throw off his shots, while pip managing to not boil myself alive (stock beams suck) his dazzle shell frag cannons made hitting him extremely hard as I seemed to lose my target all the time. I managed to stay in the fight for about 5 minutes before I’d lost my shields (dealing 2 rings of damage to him) then I decided to low wake out after turning full reverse to get a few more hits. As soon as I get out of course another interdiction except this time, I boost away, turn, then boost with full down and side thrust right by him, lock the nearest system and high wake. Escaped with 24% hull and knowledge that I need much more engineering to do PVP.

Here’s my question though, what can I do to improve my load out? I’m working towards hammers now, and also would like to keep my gimbals as my time on target with them was much greater than that of my opponent (just I don’t do damage, and he had good shields)

What can I run for internals to boost my hull and shield strength? I have a few hull and guardian shield reinforcements in there now.

At this point I’m just glad that (unengineered) I was able to both survive this fight, and Desk a significant amount of damage to his shields (I think he had prismatics because I was almost always on target and I could break the shields on my corvette in less time than that).


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