Questions regarding Ranked: Matchmaking, Progression, etc

gerald witcher3 gwent

I don't want to come off like I have a bloated ego. I just wanted to know what make ranked the way it is. I'm ranked 10 and honestly don't feel like pushing any higher is a test of skill, but moreso a test of patience and how many games I'm willing to grind.

Is there really even a point? Does the game get more enjoyable higher up? I love Gwent, but playing ranked is either boring or frustrating. I either play a moderately viable deck and smash people that play like gorillas, or I play up against a meta deck. The meta decks aren't always bad; I lose some, I win some, but it mostly isn't fun.

Occasionally I do have some good games, but it's sorta rare, and I feel like I can half mindedly play and just win. I don't know if it's because my card collection is bigger than people at that same ranked, if I'm lucky, or if others are just bad, but regardless, I don't want to grind if this weird trend keeps going on.

I find the game much more fun in Draft and wacky Seasonal modes. I just want there to be a time restriction on rerolling Draft decks.

Does anyone else not in Pro fee like this or am I crazy? Does anyone recommend pushing to pro, or just chilling?

I apologize if I come off like a tool. I don't think I'm some mastermind Gwent player, I just feel like Ranked matchmaking might be flawed, or the progression system for it is.


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