Quests are absolutely the worst part of the game, change my mind

Literally worse than all the bugs and sudden changes and everything else imo. Here's are some of my reasons not in any particular order:

  1. immersion breaking; so i don't care about extreme realism when it comes to game mechanics, but I do care about realism when it comes to lore and general gameplay, so elimination quests where you can just keep dying until you hit the magic number make no sense to me.
  2. catering to streamers; i'm sure i don't need to explain this, but I think it's pretty obvious that a large portion of quests were designed to slow down streamers progress. i know there are also no-lifes that play 12 hours a day, but they don't matter because no one watches them play. if a streamer "beats the game" in a week or two he'll get bored faster and play something else, which means less viewers. there has to be a better way.
  3. not conducive to team play; especially with a lot of endgame elimination quests with very specific requirements, you end up competing with your teammates to for kills. maybe my experience is unique, but in my regular discord server this led to most of the group not wanting to play with the few of us who were chasing kappa and vice versa, to the point where we literally created a separate private server.

I doubt tarkov will die anytime soon, but I think the game could go so much farther if they just rethink the quests completely. Am I alone here? Any one have better ideas?

Maybe get rid of kappa completely or make it a super rare lootable item so the game returns to more natural team-oriented PVP? I dunno I just really hate some of the quests even after getting kappa


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