Quick, Clean, and Profitable route for hauling

So first I will lay out the route I found and then a follow up question for anyone who has an answer or idea.

LHS 450 – Wilson Relay


Wise 1506+7027 – Dobrovolskiy Enterprise

To Wilson relay:
Rutile – approx 4,416 CR profit/unit

To Dobrovolskiy Enterprise:
Silver – approx 43,550 CR profit/unit
Palladium – approx 53,810 CR profit/unit
Gold, indium, cobalt…
The list for from Wilson to anywhere really goes on and on.

I've really only been playing for about a week or so but this is the largest disparity I've managed to find in my playing. I managed to upgrade to a type 7 in that time and am about to get a type 9 tonight from this little route alone.

Are these common when they are literally just 1 jump away from each other? Is this some kind of error in how the station set up their prices? If I've read correctly usually price disparities of this magnitude only happen around 200 LY apart. Not 5.11 LY.

Any thoughts or comments or ideas? Probably gonna up to a T-9 and upgrade for distance and payload and start traversing more of the galaxy but for now this is a nice little get ready to move up and move on making 2-4 mil per direction based on available materials at either station.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qyrrud/quick_clean_and_profitable_route_for_hauling/

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