Quick Question: If you are chadded up, why are you bush camping?(Genuine question/not hating)

This isn't me hating, this is me genuinely questioning what you are doing. If you are chadded up running best ammo, full on silenced, and tier 6 armor on Shoreline, why are you sitting in a bush at 10 minutes into the raid no where near the gunfire/grenades going off at Dorms?

Like, what is your personal mission that you have fully kitted up just to just jerk off in a bush? It makes more sense to me if you were like going in with no armor, maybe a headset and a SKS/SMG and trying to pop off someone like that to then gear up.

I am not even mad that I lost my loot. I killed another player who did not have much and a couple scavs. Was just making my way along the road towards CCP TEMP near the construction zone when the guy caught me. I saw him before I died and could see his armor and such.

I know not everyone is me. Thank god. I just want to know the thought process of someone that camps in the middle of nowhere 10 minutes after a Shoreline raid starts and you are fully kitted not going anywhere near the big gun fights that can be heard all the way across the map.

Cheers and keep on extracting, PMCs!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ndz3i4/quick_question_if_you_are_chadded_up_why_are_you/

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