Quick, what was the cause, the last time your ship was destroyed? Optional: what, if anything, did you learn?

I've got two. It was a good week.

  1. Knowing I'd fulfilled the requirements for an engineer invite that was not forthcoming, I decided to fly down and check it out. Bad idea. Lessons: if waiting for an invite/rank update, logout and back. Also, if the location name is red, don't try to land. Engineers don't like party crashers.
  2. I used auto launch while ferrying wanted passengers at a Fed station, so rather than zipping through and dumping coolant to avoid scans (does that actually work??), I hopped up to refill my space water and came back just in time to end up in jail at the seedy end of the Pleiades. Lessons: if in legal jeopardy, turn off auto launch. It's entirely too easy to end up floating out there and forget the target on your back. Also, does dumping the heat sink work to interrupt ship scans? Seems to work for me, but it could be superstition.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/rtdmkt/quick_what_was_the_cause_the_last_time_your_ship/

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