Quitting Dota Discussion (Goodbye People)

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Hello people, I am not a regular poster here but I have read most of the posts the last years.

My friends introduced me to the game 3 years ago , I was not playing any pc games till then. I was 18 years old. I played the first 2 years without understanding or even thinking about the game, I manged to drop to 0 mmr, yes it is possible but tried to become better the last year, that I managed to gain 2k mmr and playing with my ancient friends without having any problems.

I used, the last 2 years, Dota as my depression pill, I was diagnosed with depression, and it really helped to have something to rest my mind. I met many people there, I even met some of them in real life so I have to accept it helped me a lot.

However, as you know Dota is the best game in the world because it feels like you have to use the most parts of your brain, there is high pressure etc and for people that were always the smart guys in the school, it becomes quite addicting.

I started skipping classes in university, losing interest in many other topics like sports, hobbies etc. I started watching guides online BSJ, purge for example, exploring the lore, the weird builds videos. Before sleeping I was always watching livestreams, they helped me to sleep. I lost many nights of sleep, I was daily dreaming about Dota, even when watching the clock if it was ie XX:53 I was thinking of stacking, I spend a considerable amount of money for cosmetics. My life was actually all Dota based.

So today I took the big decision and uninstalled Dota and I am not planning to start again. I know it can be a bit hard in the beginning but I think I can start living my life to the fullest again. My ultimate goal is to be able to play once in a while but for now I don't want to play anymore.

Why am I posting it in a Dota 2 group? To see if there are any people who have experienced something similar or are thinking about it. Every opinion is acceptable and I will be happy to read and discuss.

Thank you everyone, content creators, friends, developers for helping me through the tough times.

Sorry for possible grammar or not mistakes.

Ps. I am not gonna lose the Netflix series!

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