/r/FortniteSeasonalHype is Back Open For Business!


/r/FortniteSeasonalHype is once again open for the new season. It's even got a small facelift in celebration of the new season.

NOTE: We understand that Save The World isn't really part of the season launch coming next week. This is simply a heads up message. The subreddit isn't going to be locked during downtime (unless absolutely needed) like the others.

For more information as to "Why" we made this subreddit, and answers to the most commonly asked questions, check out this post.


-The /r/FORTnITE Moderation Team.

P.S: We will still be posting updates, megathreads, and the like as normal on the standard subreddits.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/m3oq7k/rfortniteseasonalhype_is_back_open_for_business/

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