Raiders and Scav bosses are cracked

Have you ever been fighting raiders on labs or shooting up some scav boss minions and all of sudden you just get insta shat on by the AI you were just fighting so fast it could only have been a headshot, only to check your death screen to find the AI has triple or quadruple thoraxed you. Because that's what just happened to me and i'm pretty annoyed with the whole shebang.

(hears a clip with of an instance)

(and hears a clip of my death screen)

Now for obvious reasons I cant imagine this is an intentional feature , and for how often I seem to encounter this bug , I've never once seen and chatter about it around the place other than my buddy's discord. Only god knows why this bug is happening (if it even is a bug , which I hope it is lol) as I cant even begin to break down what's actually happening , but I said id make a post about it since I've never seen it acknowledged on the sub, plus I just really want this fixed if possible as it is pretty frustrating to die like this. Would also appreciate any information about this if happen to know anything, Thanks!


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