Raiders on customs force players to behave realistically like in a milsim, forcing them into cover. Because raiders can not be fooled by “fast-strafing” to dodge incoming fire.

Was playing Customs with friends last night, and here is what I noticed:

  • There was one scav patrolling the bushes near the pipelines, and he was hard to see.

  • When we tried to peek out from cover to find him, eventually he would fire a burst and force us back into cover.

  • We pent 6 minutes trying to get him.

And here is what is interesting about it. Raiders force players into cover on large maps if they want to survive. Just like in a realistic milsim. Because raiders can not be fooled by the exploity fast left and right strafing used against players to dodge incoming fire. Raiders will still hit a player trying to do it.

And that is great. Sidestrafing is too fast and will require a nerf. Until then, raiders force players into cover. The whole dynamic of combat on Customs was changed by it. Everyone was super-careful and slow.

This is how the game should always be. Very careful peeking out of cover, trying to find who is shooting. Instead of fast-strafing to locate a shooter which is very unrealistic.


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