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Hello guys,

I red a lot of post on reddit lately about the RMM:

– Imbalance team repartition

– Smurf using party mmr to grind

– Account boosting

I was thinking about something. I was wondering" why do I play mmr dota?". Here is my answer:

I think the mmr is used to determine the level that we have with the rest of the players. I am currently legend 4. I know that I will never be immortal because I do not have time to play enough and I do not have enough ability to do it anyway. I play very interesting games in this bracket. 4 months ago, I went down to Crusader 3 (1500 mmr). I quickly increased my rank by spamming carry heroes. It wasn't especially fun. I then understood that what I liked about the ranked match was the intensity of the balanced games. I currently have this intensity in legend 4. In 30 games, I lost 30 points. Even if I play little during the week, it shows that I am consistent for the moment in this bracket.

Regarding group games. I played with friends who were between one and two classes apart (Ancient / Legend / Archon / Crusader). At first I thought it was interesting to try to win mmr together (as friends). However, some of us didn't have the same perception of the game, the fighting, the strategy. I realized that mmr party games didn't make sense when there is this difference in perception between a Crusader and an Ancient. Even if the team wins the game, generally those who are under ranked do not understand some of the subtleties that lead to victory. Today, when my friends ask me to join a game, I tell them I only play normal games with them.

I came to this conclusion: Team ranked games usually add nothing to the mmr experience. I think it's time to only admit members of a similar mmr for rmm teams (3 or 4 stars difference max). I am convinced that the experience in this mode will only be better and will dissuade boosters that grind in team.

What do you guys think of it? Why do you guys play rmm?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nulhco/rank_matchmaking_system/

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