ranking every security worst to best because why not (opinion based)

disclamer: just because i put something on a low spot doesnt necessarily mean its trash/horrible/sucks its just that they are not as good as the ones from other maps

  1. admin (polus)

cant really be used efficiently as you can almost never keep track of people as most of them are outside and if you see someone get killed you almost never can get there in time although can be decent when used with vitals

6.vitals (polus)

can be used to see if anyone died so you can search for their body which sometimes work really well with admin

  1. security (polus)

so its not looking great for polus it seems what makes it worse than skeld's is that you can only view 1 camera at once but as a trade off it has 2 extra cameras and just like skeld's security it makes you a target as the cameras flash red when you're using them. worth using but as i said skeld's security is better

  1. admin (mira)

can be useful to catch vent goblins due to mira's vents being all inter-connected you can easily keep track of everyone and since the map is smaller than the others its not so hard to pay attention to all of the people

  1. security (skeld)

while the camera next to reactor is basically useless the other 3 are great as you can watch them all at the same time and know where people went but not recommended if you cant memorize well (if you see 2 people running togheter at cams then you forget who was with them you're just gonna look dumb)

  1. admin (skeld)

hands down the most powerful of the 3 skeld has more rooms which means you can see more crewmate activity, what you want to pay attention the most is: security.electrical and medbay if you see someone die (their icon on the panel will quickly flash) then someone else go to either locations you can go there and so who vented

1.door logs (mira)

no this is not a joke this is definetly the best security system the only real downside is that you gotta not be dumb and learn how to use it but if you have someone that can properly use the logs on your server the chances of the impostors winning are mediocre and if they coordinate and get 1 person to watch the doorlogs then another to watch admin their chances of winning are really low

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jxv57u/ranking_every_security_worst_to_best_because_why/

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