(Rant) A non-English player in a public EU lobby just got death threats because he started damaging husks during a Jail Build.

I was doing the PL 160 Repair the Shelter mission with 3 randoms. 2 of them were your typical grinders who don't really like to play the game and would rather AFK for rewards, but will still do it in public missions even if everyone doesn't agree.

One of them asked "afk/damage?" the other one said "afk obviously" and I voted "damage", because I've never understood the point of basically playing a game but not really playing it.

The fourth guy didn't say anything at this point. The 2 constructors just built some weird tripod-like AFK build. We found the modules and the defense wave started. The fourth guy started killing husks and the 2 constructors lost it at him. They started cussing and went on to asking him to kill himself. The insults went on to be very degrading and cheap. I reported them but sadly I doubt that does anything to those accounts.

The fourth guy finally typed in chat and he was speaking in Spanish and asking them to speak in Spanish bc he couldn't understand. I told him to not worry about it and we completed the mission anyways while the two constructors destroyed their own builds, took off the BASE, and AFK'd and said that's how they liked to "play" the game.

PSA: Not everyone wants the AFK builds, not everyone understands those builds, and more importantly not everyone understands the language. Do your jail builds in private missions, it doesn't cost you any extra resources. Do not expect everyone to be a part of it because the default way of playing any video game is to actually PLAY it with everything the game gives you, not put a wall launcher and sound traps and wait for husks to dance and bounce back while you tab out and watch YouTube. The game gives you a variety of guns and traps, and damage buffs based on the number of players in your squad, it's obvious that public lobbies are meant for damage builds, which get easier with more people playing (unlike jail builds). And most importantly, it's just a game and people should not stoop so low just because someone else won't play the game in the most "meta" way. I haven't seen it this bad before in this game but people do flip out the moment others start shooting in public missions and cussing is a very regular thing in such situations. This was very, very toxic behavior.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ns0wl2/rant_a_nonenglish_player_in_a_public_eu_lobby/

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