(Rant ish)As more time goes on the more I feel robbed

To give you some back story Ive been playing on and off since .4 ish an have put 1000s and 1000s of hours into this game.
Back when I started I was told my EOD would be a special edition that only the ones that supported the game while ago would have …. they said it would be removed when we got near .11.
Well that was just a flat out scam to get people to buy it …thats such a dirt trick but..

Then theres how we get updates now ..i love getting new guns and such but it feels like they just use that as a oh look heres a new shinny now please forget about the crazy lag , scavs being broken with being ether to easy or way to aimbotty theres no middle ground. Sound being broken for yesrs…balance of the economy. Etc how do you exactly think this will work out in the long run ?

Lastly id like to state normally I am fairly okay with waiting but 4 yesrs for things like sound and the economy + skills & loot to even get a look at is pathetic this shit should of been priority long .ago.
I know its different teams that work on stuff but at some point they got to do some work too right .
So what wait another 4 yesrs and hope the games not dead by then? I hope not but its giving off some very bad taking the money and not doing anything with it vibes.

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