Rant to the devs

dudes? wTF are you waiting for to implement a punish sistem to players who kill while extracting? dont you people play the game you develope? you PUNISH EVERY PLAYER with low cash, example, those you pistol run or hatchet run(jezzz, even if its zero to hero runs). you PUNISH EVERY PLAYER that plays the game as loot shooter, example, you implemented a weight sistem that has only been said good thing by streamers that have to kiss your ass otherwise they wont have any content. you PUNISH EVERY PLAYER that makes a buck on the fleamarket, example, limiting amount of items bought or sold. you PUNISH EVERY PLAYER that want to complete the game by making such stupid quests even a blind man would roll his eyes back. but you devs still havent gotten in your heads to punish the players who kill those are actively in the extraction zone waiting for the count down to reach zero…

noooooo…. you see fit to make new maps, news guns, new mechanics instead of fixing that which you have already given to the public… jesus fuking crist, so out of touch with the game they are developing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fxhepf/rant_to_the_devs/

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