Rate My Build – The Family Truckster


o7, CMDRs!

Looking for some feedback/input on the latest iteration of the Truckster..

Little background/Word on purpose –

I am a huge fan of the Python. Had one since my first week in the game and have always found a reason to climb back in one (I own 3). This one I've been building as a stepping stone to a PVP ship. I've been mainly doing pirate massacre missions and collecting materials for Engineering, which it has excelled at. I recently acquired the right to Prismatics and got this one rated out and engineered up to the max, I think (Thought on this are certainly welcome 🙂 )

Looking for input on how to make it better in terms of offensive output, maneuverability/speed and defensive capability. I haven't taken it into the PVP arena yet but haven't been for avoiding it either.. I play almost exclusively in Open (even hauled 750T of Aisling propaganda in a shieldless T9 to make rank) Guess I just haven't been lucky enough to run into anyone in a busy system that wanted to pull me down yet and I'm not about offensively interdicting people just yet – I'm not a ganker/griefer/pirate..

Any thoughts on improving the engineering? I haven't been to Colonia yet to unlock the Engs there or those in/near the bubble that require thargoid sensor fragments.. I haven't even begun hunting for bug yet and AFAIK, that's the only way to gather those.. (OR is it??? Any leads on those are certainly welcome as well..)

You mean you *didn't* order the Metallic Pea??

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