Raw mats bus leaving from bubble soon

If you're in the bubble and want to farm Polonium, Ruthenium, Tellurium, Technetium, Yttrium or Antimony then join me to farm them at bio sites. You can either meet me there or ride on my fleet carrier. Details below.

All locations drop 100% of listed mats:

System – HIP 36601


Polonium C1A Bio site 5

Ruthenium C1D Bio site 3

Tellurium C3B Bio site 5

Technetium C5A Bio site 2

System – Outotz L5-K D8-3

Yttrium B5C Bio site 5

Selenium B5C Bio site 3

Ruthenium B7B Bio site 5

Takes an hour to get to HIP 36601, where I generally farm for about 2 hours. Then it's 1 fleet carrier jump to Outotz L5-K D8-3, where I usually farm for about 45 minutes. If anyone wants to go, or is curious about this process, feel free to drop a note below and I'll keep checking as I trade down my T4 raw mats to prepare for this trip.

Let's go get better gear, Commander! o7

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/o0ocim/raw_mats_bus_leaving_from_bubble_soon/

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