Re-introducing “Becoming a Scav Boss” 60 new custom made quests (new wiki)

Becoming A Scav Boss

What is "Becoming a Scav Boss?"

Becoming a Scav Boss is simply a collection of 60 new and unique quests for Escape From Tarkov that I put together as a hobby.  I am in no way employed or affiliated with Battle State Games, I'm simply a huge fan of Escape from Tarkov and like many of you I was yearning for more content after obtaining the Kappa for the 3rd time, so I decided to make my own content.   

Who is "Becoming a Scav Boss" made for?

For fans of Escape From Tarkov who have experienced all that EFT currently has to offer and would like to experience new, unique quests that fit into the lore of the existing game. Of course all of the quests take place within the existing maps and using existing equipment in the game, but some of these quests may test your map knowledge or your skills in general in ways that haven't been done before.

What exactly is it about?

The idea behind the story of these custom-made quests is that you, a PMC for either the BEAR or USEC factions, were separated or otherwise abandoned by your contractor while in Tarkov.  Even the gun you had was disabled in a firefight, and the money and equipment you had was stolen from you by a group of armed scavengers, leaving you with very little to ensure your survival.  Since the city of Tarkov's borders are currently on lockdown by various organizations, you have to make the most of a bad situation to survive in a war-torn city where no one is in your friend.  In this case, it means turning to scav bosses such as Reshala, Killa, Shturman, Sanitar and Gluhar for help.  Impress them enough and they may help you, who knows, you may even become a Scav Boss yourself.

How does it actually work within the game?

What primarily makes Becoming a Scav Boss work is your imagination.  Since I have no way to actually code these quests into the game, that's where role-playing comes in.  For example, if a quest requires you to plant an item at a specific location, you simply discard that item from your inventory once you've reached the location.  If a quest requires you to get a kill using a certain gun, you simply cross that off the list when you do it.  If a quest requires you to find items in raid and hand them over, you simply delete them from your stash after extracting.  There's nothing to actually register whether you're completing these tasks, it's up to you to be honest with yourself and use your imagination.  It might be a good idea to keep pen and paper nearby or print out a sheet of the quests so you can mark them off or mark sub-tasks off as you complete them.

What are the rules?  What do I start with?  Can I play it in Offline Mode or with EmuTarkov?

Ideally you would play through these quests after obtaining the Kappa, or after you've become bored with your current progress towards Kappa and want to do something different.  There's nothing to stop you from doing these quests right after resetting your account though, or even half way through the main game's quests.  However, if you want to be true to the story behind these quests, you would delete everything that's in your stash when starting.  That's right, everything, including your money. If you're reluctant to do that, make a note of how much money you have before starting and then try not to go below that. You can still use the flea market to sell any loot you acquire going forward.  Having traders unlocked and leveled up is fine, as it fits with the current story that you have already built a reputation with them.  Having an upgraded hideout is fine as well, although if you want this to be a challenge at all you probably shouldn't collect Bitcoins from the Bitcoin farm.  The use of a secure container is completely fine, or if you want to play without it that's up to you.  Some quests require you to get kills, if you enjoy Offline Mode or EmuTarkov more than Online mode then you can substitute these PMC kills for scav kills instead.  Or, if you want to play in Online mode but want quests that require you to kill PMC's to be slightly less difficult, adjust the number to your liking or replace those PMC kill requirements with scav kills instead.  Ultimately the choice is yours for how challenging you want these quests to be, so feel free to adjust the difficulty or even the elements of the quests themselves to your liking, but don't be afraid to push yourself to complete challenges.  I would suggest trying not to peek ahead at what quests are coming up, let things be a surprise.

What is the difficulty going to be like?

I tried to design the quests to be somewhat similar to the quests that already exist.  Since this is a new undertaking I'm not sure I can really answer that question.  Some quests you may find more challenging or frustrating, some you may find too easy.  Feel free to give me feedback (discord Bagobonez #2202) on what you like or dislike, or how the quests could be better balanced and I'll take them into consideration.  

Do I have to pay anything to play Becoming a Scav Boss?

Absolutely not.  This is a labor of love for what I consider to be hands-down the best game ever made.

Alright I'm in!  How do I get started?

Click here to take to you to the first quest


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