Reactor Simon says is the most annoying according to this community

Reactor Simon says was voted by you guys for the most annoying task. The main reason people think that is because this task makes you the most vulnerable and is dependent on how fast you can do it. Also if you mess up you have to start all over again which is why people think it’s annoying.

Honorable mentions go to

Download data: Which leaves you vulnerable for a while and is luck dependent on the among us characters running in the pad

Admin: notorious for being that tasks that people task fake and stack kill due to you most of the time not getting swipe first try

Weather node: Notorious for being hard on mobile and someone hard on pc. Easy task fake

Wires: once again an easy task fake

Fueling: takes forever to do.

Calibrate distributor: Kinda like the reactor where you have to start over if you mess up but way faster


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