Readying grenade, throw and headshot in the same moment – Possible cheater?

So I went into dorms the other day with a friend. I was on the 3rd floor and my buddy on 2nd. I walked down the stairs and a guy just sprinted inside like a mad man, took a left, then a right. Straight into the room my body was in. Boom, dead. I sneaked up on him and got killed immediately, too. I realize he might have heard me – I was slow crouching but didn't wear a headset, he probably did.

When the raid was over we talked and died in the exact same way:

  1. He ran into a room knowing 100% where we were.
  2. He pulled a grenade pin, threw it and in the exact same moment (talking like a 100th of a second) we heard the grenade throw, he shot us in the head.

I think the guy waltzed into my buddies room because he saw him through the walls but didn't notice me upstairs, then looted him, heard me and saw me too. I have 160hrs in the game but never died in a way where I'd say the other guy was cheating. So this is not a salt post but just an observation.Maybe some of you have had similar experiences.Username Was Rihanna__ I believe. Or maybe he is on here and can elaborate!My buddy hat a M153 with a flashlight and I was running a plain MP5, date was the 27th – EU/Germany sercers.



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