Realistic game mechanics that don’t punish the player. What an amazing concept.

fictional character

Thank you Devs. for making such a wonderful game. I am in awe at how realistic the game mechanics are to real life, and yet so gamer friendly.

Skills: We have skills like running, jumping, swimming, woodcutting, weapons etc. It just makes sense, and the more you do the better you become at it. But it doesn’t unlock progressions because that doesn’t make real world sense. If you want to get better, practice. If you don’t care, ignore them.

Rested: The rested bonus, just like in the real world, you perform better if you’ve had proper sleep. Yet you aren’t forced to sleep, you just lose some benefits.

Comfort: What a beautiful mechanic.What a great way to encourage realistic base building with comfort items. There are tangible bonuses for moving away from a basic shack with a bed, and adding comfort items that realistically would make life better for your character. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

Stamina: Sprinting, jumping, and attacks all take energy. Very realistic. Players aren’t sprinting or bunny hopping all over the map.

Food: Eating a balanced meal benefits your health, stamina, and regen. And also encourages players to stay fed. You aren’t punished if you don’t eat, no damage from hunger.

Backpack: A combination of carry slots, carry weight, and stack size. It makes sense. Just because I have a slot for rock doesn’t mean I can carry a ridiculous amount, or too many types of items.

Cooking: meats cook, and if left for too long they burn, but they don’t like to punish players, generously you get coal from it.

Fighting: Dodging, blocking, parrying. All well implemented.

Death: No items are lost! This is amazing because armor is very resource heavy and time consuming. A point on the map so I can find it (although I will also mark it because I may die naked trying to get to it.) A corpse run bonus so I can grab my stuff and run away from the danger quicker. Also, mobs don’t camp your grave, they tend to wander away.

Advancement: You are blocked from advanced items because there’s a tool or workbench or something you need first. Not just a blanket “You must be x level to mine this ore.” That way if you hop in with friends you character can still make use of their advanced items.

It amazes me. All these well thought out mechanics that stay very true to realism, but implemented with buffs and not punishments.

Progression: is very straight forward. Biome, armor and weapons, boss, repeat. Each biome comes with its own challenges and there’s enough other craftables and exploring to keep it from getting boring.

All this to say "Thank you" for an amazing player experience. The level of thought and details that went into this game are amazing.


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