Reality check: Under the current monetization scheme, the core of this game will never really get fixed until a more polished competitor exists or the issues generate enough bad PR to impact new sales.

It's just bad business sense. EFT has captured a niche market and has had ridiculous sales growth year-over-year as shown in their UK filings. BSG is doing fantastically from a business perspective. The bulk of that success is tied to their efforts around marketing (raids series, twitch, etc.) and new content production. That's why these things are always prioritized in the budget, because they actually have an ROI.

All of the problems that current players face (networking, engine challenges, etc) do not significantly impact new sales. They are also very expensive to fix due to the costs of attracting talent. It's easy to source artists and content people locally for BSG; those folks are readily available and cheap. Engineers on the other hand are a much more difficult ask. Gaming is the poorest paying and worse QoL industry globally for software engineers to begin with, so most Russian talent that could be recruited will jump ship once they get an offer in a different industry. That leaves recruiting international candidates to come work for a little known RU gaming company vs all the other remote opportunities they have available to them. BSG just isn't going to get quality talent on that job market either unless they pay a massive premium.

Which leads us back to the business case…there's no reason to hurt profits with those expenses unless it will improve top-line growth. Unfortunately, that just isn't the case in the current market. Current players leaving or having a bad experience has minimal impact on new sales for BSG, so nothing will change until one of the things I said in the title (or other market changing factors) occurs.


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