Really? I cannot give my Epic account to my son?


OG Fortnite player here. Used to hit the game hard and have many cosmetics and skins from the early Chapter 1 days inc. Black Knight, John Wick, Ragnarok etc.
Not played for around 3 years though and during that time my son has got into gaming and Fortnite in particular (as well as Fifa and Pokemon). I showed him my account and all my legacy skins and he was blown away – so cool apparently! (Yeah, your 'old man' is cool and he was pretty good at Fortnite back in the day).

Thought it would be a cool idea to hand my account to him as I don't need or want it anymore. I worked hard for some of those skins so handing it down as an act of succession would be pretty awesome, let him continue to build on my legacy :-).

But, no. If I unlink my console account (Xbox in this case) I cannot link his Xbox account to it.
Gutted. Both of us.

Please, someone tell me I have missed something obvious and that in fact I can give him my account!
I don't really fancy buying a Playstation or Switch just to link those accounts to my Epic account.



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