Really not enjoying on-foot combat at all.

So I have a grade 3 Dominator Suit and a Grade 2 Shotgun, this guy isn't dead after 4 hits, but I die after 2. Is there any balancing? Why do I only get thread 4+ missions? What grade must I have to have a chance?

Im not claiming that I'm great at FPS games, but I definitely don't suck at any other as much as this. Also I play with a controller, since I can't play with M&K. Is there a chance there ever will be some sort of aim assist? At least for PvE? I mean this on console with even worse performance, it's gonna suck.

Also the horrible performance and frame drops don't help either. After half a year, I thought this game was closer to ready, but it's far from it.

EDIT: for anyone going to "get gud" me, as long as it's only frustrating, am not gonna try it over and over and fly back to get a new mission, fly to the mission to fail again.

Back in june, when I did that tutorial mission, I didn't find it too hard, did they change something, or is it just because I don't have upgraded my stuff enough? But all missions i get offered involving combat are thread 4 or 5.

EDIT2: having been in many other subs since I haven't played E:D since june bc of performance issues, I wanna say, this community is amazing, I expected tons of "git gud" comments, but everyone just trying to help, you guys are amazing!


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