Really, really need help

I've lost 2 million rubles and half my stash trying to kill PMCs in factory office for jaegar. 5 days at this point – 30+ factory runs and 2 kills. No MATTER WHAT I DO I die. I bring in a 600k slick altyn loadout? Noobcannon KS23 oneshot to the legs. Garbage loadout? Spawn rushed before I even finish my painkiller. I only play solo, so I don't want someone to run with me. It's just infuriating, I CANNOT KILL PLAYERS. Even when I get the drop on someone, I shoot them in the head with AP ammo, and they dont die because apparently i am not allowed headshots. Then they 180 1tap me in the face with a PST 9mm round, and it kills me through a face shield.

Like I don't understand why it's so easy for some people, I get headshots when my crosshair is directly over someones face maybe 1 out of 200 shots. Meanwhile my armor is made of paper and doesn't even stop basic 9mm rounds.


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