Recently started playing SY bounty as MO main

witcher gwent cards

Like a lot people I have started out with some variation of thrive deck they were usually greedy and lacked control tools. But with machups like NR Foltest siege, ST movement etc… I switched to playing midrangey MO hombrews.

This my current MO relic deck : it's decent in most match ups (I have reached 2450 with it before I switched to some vampires).

This is the SY bounty deck that I have crafted : (small modification of PlanTalkJohn's deck, I skipped hombrewing since I had no idea how to balance spenders / coin makers)

As MO main games vs SY are ones that felt the hardest (esp. when playing hombrews). I still feel like LP bounty list is really strong (esp vs greedy decks), but I must admit that it's really interesting experience to run it, balancing spenders / coin makers – deciding for which sequencing to go to reduce coin loss to over profit etc.

What's your opinion on SY lined pockets?

Also could recommend me some interesting SY decks? Since I have tried MO frost, MO swarm, MO madoc meme, MO relict etc… So I would like to play SY for a bit.


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