Recoil, Sound, Searching skills seem a bit unfair to new players

I understand the idea that you want your character to get better as you play more in an RPG, but I feel like the leveling up system is flawed with these types of skills and discourages and frustrates new players, while rewarding high level players for existing. Higher level players literally have an easier time playing than newer players, not even necessarily because they've become better players, but just because the game decides I should be. You can hear better and control recoil SIGNIFICANTLY better through no personal improvements besides leveling up. In CSGO you could memorize recoil patterns and practice, not that EFT is anything like CSGO, but there was always something I could improve on in CSGO where as EFT just leaves me feeling helpless much of the time. The only real thing I could improve upon is map knowledge and experience on what areas are more and less likely to have people. Let me be clear, I think having more carry weight, higher run speeds, and faster med speeds are fine ideas. But its frustrating simply having to deal with high recoil even after optimizing a weapon to minimize it, on TOP of all the randomness that is inherent in tarkov.

If there was level-based queuing then I think it wouldn't be as frustrating, because then you're facing people with similar skill levels, which means gunfights are more fair etc etc. Now, I would never expect Nikita to give a shit because his response in the past has just been to find a different game if you dont like it, but sometimes it is good to mix in some fun/fairness in the hardcore.

What are your thoughts? I know some of y'all will just say GIT GUD and get through it, but i'm a casual player. I like playing every now again for fun with friends, not every day for 6+ hours, and it's rough if that's the only player base you're only appealing to.


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