Red Keycard GIVEAWAY, wiping my account to start over b4 wipe approved by Captain_travel_pants

Had to redo this to get a mod approval.

I've spent over 500 hours playing this game and during that time I accumulated a huge stash and fully immersed myself into the game and managed to enjoy and the best highs and the best of the lows, recently I started to give up hope but a bunch of my friends decided that they'd wipe away their accounts and start from scratch as a competition to see who could reach the highest level before the wipe actually happens. I've given away pretty much everything to viewers and friends and now all i have to my name is one red Key card and the one place I forgot about is you guys.

This place has helped me a lot with my Tarkov journey from day one, using the maps that users have created, learning new stuff from experienced veterans, watching the bs other people go through and most importantly all the funny moments that made me laugh for a good while.

If mods want me to verify this giveaway I will happily comply, I am giving away a red key card to one lucky Tarkov redditor who comments on this post.


Make sure you are subbed to r/EscapefromTarkov

Comment on this post and I will pick a winner within the next 24 hours!


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