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This weapon set was made by the Imagined Order for special "stealthy" operations, later on, it has been stolen by unknown people and then The mysterious people has rifted into STW's world. Once the Imagined Order knew about their location, the mysterious people hide everything and abandoned them in a military base in attempt to hide their tracks. Ray and the folks at homebase found them later on.

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  • Blind Spot (Silenced Sniper Rifle, Model based on VSS from BR)

An automatic sniper that has an integrated suppressor and can pierce through multiple targets. But suffers a 5% range loss because yeah, subsonic bullets logic. The fire rate is similar to the BR's counterpart. Has a mag of 20.

6th perk: Hitting a husk with this weapon will be marked and receive affliction damage. Once eliminated, it will cause an area of effect stun that affects all husks in a 1.25 tile area for 3 seconds. Once the stun ends, it will cause the husks to lose you as a target.

  • Mood Breaker (Silenced Shotgun, model based on Saiga-12)

Automatic shotgun equipped with a silencer, Has a fire rate close to Tigerclaw but longer range. 8 rounds per mag.

6th Perk: Eliminating a husk with this weapon will turn you invisible for 10 seconds. With a cooldown of 4 seconds after the duration ends. CAUTION: During invisibility, the husks will be switching targets. So be careful on when to be invisible. Or else your beautiful base will be destroyed.

  • Hush Hush (Tactical Assault Rifle, With a silencer)

An assault rifle with a fire rate similar to it's BR counterpart, except you can use it's short range scope.

6th perk: Eliminating 5 husks with this weapon will make the husks lose you as a target in a 4 tiles radius around the player

  • Stealthy Berserker (Epic and Legendary version of the revolver, silencer equipped)

A high damaging 6 shooter that has the same fire rate as it's BR counterpart, except with a longer range and silenced.

6th perk: Eliminating a husk with this weapon will cause the other husks to be confused in a 2.5 tiles radius

  • Trouble Share (Dynamite Bow, and lets be logical here. Bows are silent weapons).

a bow that creates 4 small dynamites when hitting anything if max drawn, Has a shorter draw speed than the BR counterpart

6th perk: Hitting a husk with this weapon will be marked. If the husk got eliminated, it will release 4 even more smaller explosions

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