Reducing the Guardian Grind

The recent discussion of the Engineering Grind brought this back to mind. The Guardian Grind isn't much better than the Engineering Grind.

Now, Guardian sites are cool, and have quite a few different layouts that are fun to figure out.

Unfortunately, most players only ever see 1-3, because they go to the closest one to the bubble, and relog farm that one over and over until they get what they need. Then they do the same thing at exactly one module site, and maybe one Guardian Fighter site. Not only do they not get to experience everything Guardian Sites have to offer, they also get really bored and annoyed farming the same place repeatedly, just like farming High Grade Emissions.

So here's what I'd like to see.

1: Buff the materials output of Guardian Sites by ~10x.

So for example, if you shoot down a Guardian Technology Component, you'd get 30 instead of 3. Scanning a guardian information pylon will give 30x random data materials, and so on.

This will make getting your initial materials much faster, and take away the need for relogging. However, if relogging were still possible, it would lose any extra benefits, since people would just relog anyway. So this leads us to:

2: Add a significant delay to materials respawns.

One Week, perhaps. (Edit: Alternatively, ONLY THE BONUS is delayed by 1 week; normal relog farming is still possible, but it will be faster overall to travel to multiple sites, instead)

Now hear me out on this one; the idea here is to give players a faster, more enjoyable experience, and remove relog farming at the same time. Instead of relogging, players would travel from guardian site to guardian site, clearing them out, and getting a different experience each time. Now, say it takes 2.5 minutes to collect 3 tech components across one base. With the new system, you'll still take 2.5 minutes at that site, but get the equivalent of 25 minutes worth of relog farming. Then, you spend 15 minutes traveling to a second site, and spend another 2.5 minutes collecting. So you'll still end up spending less time(17.5 minutes rather than 25), just at more guardian sites.

tl;dr: Faster Materials Collecting, at more guardian sites, and a better experience for everyone.


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