regarding a leak made in the sub

A few hours ago there was a post made by a very old and active member of the community who has claimed to play the alpha in 2014. Around the time of STW'S "launch," he made a post talking about STW'S development in that post he mentioned that he had a source inside People can fly ( The company that worked alongside epic to develop STW. They were later brought out by epic and renamed to epic games Poland, then PCF broke out from epic and they are an independent company now)

The post:

It mentions that their source in PCF told that PCF and epic were in talks with each other about handing over the development of the game to PCF and that the game would become standalone

The person who posted it later their posts and account. This can mean two things

  1. The post was fake
  2. The post might have been real and the source asked them to delete the post


It seems in the ue5 transition stw will become a standalone game and development will be handled by people can fly the original devs so we might see stw become a standalone game in mid June or July take it with a grain of salt but a huge grain of salt .

The original post:


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