Regarding Aglais vs. Sheldon.

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Why on Earth is Aglais 10 provisions 4 base power whereas Sheldon Skaggs is 8 provisions 6 base power? They botth basically play for double amount of points for their boosts. However, Sheldon has only advantages over Aglais:

  • Sheldon acts as removal for dangerous enemy units so he gets the job done
  • Sheldon doesn't play for tall removal. At least less than Aglais because he is smaller and gets the job done if he is killed
  • Sheldon has bigger base power for less provisions, which means he will play higher value than Aglais if they are both bricked
  • Sheldon can be handbuffed directly with bronze units Dwarven Agitators which means he can be buffed more often than Aglais. There don't exist any bronze handbuffers for dryads on deploy.
  • Sheldon has a dwarf tribal synergy, especially with Mahakam's Forge leader that grants him an extra armor.
  • Sheldon even has a dryad tribal synergy because he boosts Dryad Ranger which Aglais cannot do.

So, Sheldon seems to be superior to Aglais in every possible way. Because both cards don't see much play in today's meta ladder, there is no point of nerfing Sheldon. This means that the only solution is to buff Aglais significantly. She should less expensive to include in the deck than Sheldon because of bullet points above. There you go CDPR, I solved one of the balancing problems and provided solution to address it. #makeithappen #TeamAglais


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