Regarding Rewards (gift boxes) from in game side objectives

Am I in the wrong for thinking that all completed side objectives should drop a gift box for everyone? A good example of something that does do this is a mist orb. It will always drop a box for everyone, no matter how far away they are or if they participated in killing the mist monster. Things that are obviously exempt from this would be encampments but only specifically in destroy the encampment missions seeing as it the main objective. Encampments always drop gift boxes for everyone but if you did not participate in clearing it you get 30 mats. I know my idea promotes afk leech behavior, but this mainly stems from random spawn survivors in regular zones not rts. The behavior of rewards dispensed is spotty. The antenna for example, a lot of the time will only drop a reward for whoever talks to the survivor after placing the antenna. I personally think it should be an area thing where if you’re in the vicinity you get rewarded. And like I said this does promote afk/leecher values but that’s not what I’m after. Say you are going to help rescue a survivor and someone finishes it as you arrive but you have the full intention of helping either way, don’t you think people should be rewarded at least in the general area? I mean we already get credit for the survivors we have no hand in rescuing so why not give us credit while we’re in the area? Also Rescue the survivors missions should drop rewards as advertised it would make farming less time consuming in higher end zones and it would make the effort worth the while. 140 rts is not easy to do with some of the modifiers especially metal corrosion. And the fact we usually only get survivor xp and a one time reward for doing those missions kinda sucks. Idk this was just something on my mind would like to hear what your guys’ opinions are on the topic.


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