Regarding the daily changes of hideout crafts

Hello guys,

I am not sure what y'all think about these many changing crafts in the hideout but I just want to spread something I have in my mind for some days. In this wipe I am alreay Level 46 and have about 20mil rubels in my inventory, thanks to corona and all the free time I've got. I have to say that I like what BSG is doing and I understand that they are trying to work against the inflation of the bitcoins and even make some things "easier" for the rich people like farming LEDX for the Private Clinic Quest. But I really REALLY dislike that BSG is making these changes without a ingame notifaction. I would not even notice these without checking reddit tbh. Would not it be better when they do like a fresh-up after the profile loading? Like a pop-up you can that says: Hey, we have changed xy.

Thanks for reading, I hope some of you may express your thoughts about it


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