Regarding the discussion on whether to keep the flea market or not, i wanted to suggest some points to the discussion and see how the community felt.

Remove flee market. Yes, shocker i know but hear me out for a few.

Ramp up the sell value of items and weapons to vendors.

Have each vendor sell all items needed but

Put it on a 3-4 week random rotation basis
-in the span of 3-4 weeks, all sets will be sold and reset on the 4th-5th week which could potentially be a reset from 4th.

Yes this means you could potentially not see your item for 5-7 weeks which is where dog tags come in. (Read below)

–different weapon combinations, armors, kits etc spread out

Increase the value of weapons if they are found in raid vs if you died with it

Lower down health restore costs and repair costs

Make it possible that if you have multiple successful runs, you can Essentially buy everything you need like chads are doing now

While also giving the rats a chance to sneak by and make enough to get their gear

Increase value of dog tags to promote pvp, either money or access to buy a last weeks or past weeks items (this will encourage pvp and further hacking but letting mods focus on this mode of cheating and detection)

Depending on rarity of items, increase its trader value significantly. Multiple of a rare item in a single run gets you a bonus — this will promote staying longer, pvp, camping, flanks etc WHILE ALSO increasing the risk they stay there longer.

1-3 successful runs (around 6 total at 50% success or more with lower success rate) players should be able to full equip their ideal set up.

Chads will stay chads, rats will be rats and those with little time but skilful will be able to stay relevant while those with little skill will have to work harder as they already do.

Only trading allowed will be in a match which allows devs to hone in on where RMT will be happening to track and ban the associated players

Can even put a players name on the items they dropped (replacing previous player when you lose it) to keep track of multiple players getting it from a similar account.



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