Regardless of how you feel about NG, let’s take a moment to appreciate how well built the metabreaker deck is.

witcher gwent cards

Before it disappears forever with the upcoming patch, we have to give props to whoever came up with this incredibly well oiled machine of a deck. There are a number of different packages but everything gels together so smoothly. Everything you can play will synergize with several other cards in the deck, to the point that even your 4p bronzes are playing for upwards of 7 points with the right setup, and/or keeping your other engines alive. The strength of your long round 3 speaks to that.

Assuming you thinned out your dogs, everything your joachim can pull out of your deck is strong (sometimes too strong). Your high end golds are also quite valuable, so you're not always necessarily dead in the water in a short round 3. The location/cantarella interaction is just beautiful. The 2/3 aristocrats + ball package is basically the smallest scenario package you'll ever see, and it's surprisingly consistent. There's basically just one 4p tactic card that's mulligan fodder, to ensure your menno doesn't brick. You can stare at the decklist for a long time but the only think you might change in the end is the 4p or 5p tactic. Every other card plays an important role.

Basically I don't think we'll see another deck this coherent in a while. No matter how much you hate NG, I feel we have to give props to the person who constructed it. Bravo!


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