Regis Journey – Week 9 – You’re on track if you are level 66

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Regis Journey continues and Week 9 is now starting. A new part of the story and new weekly quests have been added.

You are on track if you are level 65 (+14 crown points).

Your quests have contributed for 20 levels if you're on the standard path or 40 levels if you're on the extended path.

Objective for next week: Level 73 (+20 crown points)

Note that being "on track" is just an average value for people planning to play for the same amount every day from Day 1 to the last day of the Journey. If you want more detailed and personalized results, you can use this journey calculator.

Also note that we are making the calculations assuming the journey will end on the 20th of January (84 total days or exactly 12 weeks). The journey will end during the Season of the Wolf and Season of Love transition.

Happy Gwenting and Merry Christmas!


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