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Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

Good day everyone! I am a recent convert to Valheimenism and have put in well over 50 hours in too short of a time span. Its a real black whole thats too enjoyable to stop playing.

I have access to a high spec'ed server that can have dozens of worlds running simultaneously each with 10 players all running at the same time.

I want to make this available to any that would like to take advantage of it.
– Backups happen 2x daily and are stored for up to 6 Months.
– Reboots happen once a week on Sundays at Midnight.
– You would be given a webaddress to go to and a password.
– Servers would be Vanilla. Server should support Bepinex and ValheimPlus mods. Mods could be added and would be reviewed on a mod by mod basis.
– Worlds would be active 24/7/365 so you can play at any time.
– Access to your worlds files at a moments notice

In addition to the above you also get access to
– A chat server so your buddies can all chat easily together and with me to report any issues
– Access to additional apps upon request (Password manager, email server, URL shortner)
– Need anything else, just ask.

My only request is assistance paying for hosting costs. I believe per user a $5/month is a reasonable cost to help pay the server fee and my time.

I have come to really love this community and I want to give back as much as I can.

DM me with any Quesitons or post below


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