Relicts balance

witcher gwent cards

Here is my take to try to balance Relicts

Selfeater: Power reduced to 5

Now, it starts at a more reasonable power level, needs 1 relict to be played before so it doesn't loose points when the order is used

Gan Ceann: Deploy: Increase this unit base power by 1, increase the amount by each adjacent relict

So, nerfed by 1 point but stays a 7 for 5 if only 1 relict is adjacent

Gernichora: Sabbath ability changed to: At the end of your turn, boost self by 1 for each adjacent Gernichors Fruit

Now, fruits can't be abused by having more than 2, it only boost by 1 for each adjacent, so, capped at 2, still an engine but less opresive if you have a lot of fruits

Mammuna: Order changed to deploy, provisions from 10 to 11

Provisions may rise more because it's still a far better Ozzrel, but let's start with this

What do you think?


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