Reminder that this game is still in the BETA stage.

This subreddit seems to be half hype/half complaints right now.
Yes, the server issues are annoying but we all know it will die down after drops go away. BSG is not a AAA game company, they are a relatively small group of people that are incredibly passionate about their product.
We paid to BETA test the game and all that comes along with that. Server issues included.
If you wanted a 100% polished and finished game then you shouldn’t have bought a game that was still in BETA. Every time you log into the game it reminds you that the game isn’t finished.
It’s unrealistic to assume BSG would just “buy more servers” for the very start of a wipe, they have other things to focus on at the moment.
Things will die down, we must be patient and remember that these server outages are part of the reason the game is still in beta and exactly why we are here is to test/break the game like this.


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