Remove the ability to drop items in Stonewood

It’s a little absurd to me that about 70% of the players that play in Stonewood are only interested in trading. I don’t understand why Epic hasn’t taken action and removed the ability to drop weapons/items in Stonewood.

Traders are like a poisonous virus that spreads rapidly through Stonewood. The naive and innocent are quickly overwhelmed.

I’ve played about 40 play with other missions this weekend, and I can confirm that for every new player there is at least one trader. I am seeing innocent players being convinced by traders to trade at their homebase. We all know the outcome.

It’s mind boggling to me how none of the developers have thought of removing the ability to drop items in stonewood.

In theory, this would remove:

1) Traders/Scammers

2) Beggars

3) Players not interested in the core STW gameplay

As an end game senpai, this makes me sad 🙁


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