“Report Body” button spamming tactics, and a possible solution.

I have been playing games in the Among Us discord server and it has been going pretty good so far.

One glaring problem to which I would like there to be a solution is that people are getting a bit try-hard, and spamming the "report body" button with their mouse as soon as other players appear on screen. This makes it extremely difficult to execute a close quarters double kill before one of the crewmates gets the report off. This feels really cheap, and infuriating to play against if you are with an imposter who doesn't know how to read the situation and be prepared for the double kill. (Sidebar: don't come and run duo with the other imposter if your kill is on cooldown, stay the fuck away!)

I think there should be a small cooldown on the "Report Body" button, of a second or two… just so people can't brainlessly spam it and have to actually rely on their reaction times to report a body in a close range double kill. The button being able to be spammed is really braindead.

My solution: If the report button is pressed but no body is in range to report there could be a small text prompt on screen (which doesn't impede players movement/doesn't have to be dismissed to continue playing) saying "nothing to report" or "no body to report" followed by the button going on a short cooldown. This could easily be enabled as an option in the game settings. It would add a level of skill to crewmates who will have to react to a kill vs. relying on spam clicking or macro'ing (some will be doing it, believe it) the report button.

Another possible addition to this is include a two stage mechanic similar to calling the emergency button, where you have to walk up to the emergency button, press "use" then actually click to confirm with your mouse. Making reporting a body a two stage process where you press "R" to report and have to click a button on a communicator to confirm it would add vital moments for impostors to double kill. People are gonna argue that this makes you vulnerable for too long, and I would counter that some of the tasks take an eternity in terms of game time like starting the reactor on Skeld or Medbay scanner.

Interested to hear others takes on this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jpg3et/report_body_button_spamming_tactics_and_a/

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