Report System Broken – Racial Insensitivity

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Hello all, recently my faith in the Dota2 community and most importantly the report system has dropped dramatically. I have been playing Dota for probably just over a year now after switching over from LoL. There are many reasons for leaving LoL and switching to Dota, but the broken report system and the hyper-toxic community put me over the edge and made me quit LoL for good.

Fast forward to now: Of my last 5 Dota2 games 4 of them have had people dropping n-bombs and other racial slurs (I have come across this before but not nearly as often lately). I have reported all of them and nothing seems to be happening. No confirmation/alert from Valve that my report resulted in any type of discipline. This is extremely disappointing as I thought we were past this as a community and quite honestly I thought the report system actually worked as a deterrent for these types of people – obviously this is not the case.

I see the Dota2 community trending toward the toxic cesspool that is LoL and I so desperately want it to stop. I love this game and I love the friends I have made while playing it, but if this trend continues then I see no reason to waste the free-time I have in my life playing a game that makes me lose hope in humanity. I want this to just be a bug with the report system or something to that effect, and not negligence on Valve's part, but either way this problem must be fixed.

Example of my last game in Open Dota – Notice how the Grim says that they do this 10 times every lobby. (Too bad it doesnt show post game chat):


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