Reposting to follow subreddit rule: discussion on ingame audio balance?

Sorry. I am reposting as my previous post was against the subreddit rule. Posting as a discussion. Curious as to what everyone else thinks or if its just me.

One of the things that bother me the most about this game is the inbalance in audio.

no matter what, i am not looking to get permanent ear damage to play a game. I also believe, as a company in any industry. It should not force/promote possible permanent damage to use their product.

Before i say any more, ingame headset isnt the problem. it just scales it more/less to one side.

Its undisputed that to play the game, you need to have volume high enough so that you can hear ingame sounds. Bushes by other players, reloading, ADS, walking/running, etc. As this is very important in a game like EFT. And it will either get you killed, let you get kills.

However, to be able to hear those ingame sounds, increasing your volume also makes every other noise undoubtedly too loud. Your own walking, sprinting, walking on metal, etc. But most importantly, to the point that hearing gunshots are deafening… (not to mention, heart attack inducing due to sudden loud noises)

so in order to not suffer from ear damage, i lower the volume to the point where the gunshot sounds are tolerable. but in that, i sacrifice ingame sound ques. to the point i even die from people full on sprinting and me not able to hear them until they are close enough they can see me first/just in time. (happened to me in parking lot of interchange. I was already slow walking because i was paranoid. As soon as i thought i heard someone, only to turn to my right and i see him skidding to a stop because he sees me, about 15ish feet away from me and kills me)

The only time i dont find this an issue is in factory, because alot of sound ques in factory are just about loud enough due to all the metal. but anywhere else, its hard.

So what are you're guys thought? do you like it due to the "realism" of loud gunshots? do you not mind the loud sounds in general?


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