Request: Create new Odyssey mission types for Elections

As far as I know, there are no Odyssey election-specific missions, like there are in Horizons.

Some ideas for on-foot election missions might be:

  • Deliver sensitive poll data to election official
    • Basic courier-type mission. This person could be a VIP with slightly elevated access, residing in a Habitat
    • Temporary access (ex. Level 2) given to support the mission
  • Retrieve Campaign Plans from the crash site
    • Campaign Plans could be downloaded from a data port on a crashed vehicle
    • Could also use Political Affiliations, or Propaganda as data types
  • Retrieve stolen Campaign Plans from a Settlement
    • Campaign Plans data could be on a Data Port in a restricted area of the settlement (ex. CMD or HAB building)
    • (The analogous Horizons mission to this which already exists — Poll Data Retrieval — involves interacting with a datalink via SRV)
  • Election Support by Liberating 5 political prisoners held at a settlement
    • Ya know those 'jail cells' you find in the restricted areas of CMD buildings? The ones you can enter by hitting the big, red button, but are always empty? Fill a few of those with some NPC political prisoners.
    • The mission taker would need to take out the security in the building, then open the cells to allow the prisoners to run out to the landing pad.
    • Would need to be done in a stealth-like fashion (disable alarms, etc.) to avoid alerting the whole base.
  • Election Support by retrieving stolen Personal Documents
    • Similar to the one above, but instead of there being NPC's in the holding cells, you can just have 1 Personal Documents item you need to retrieve.
  • Take out election support official John Doe
    • Generally, election-based mission are non-combat focused. But this could add an interesting element into the mix. This official, would be residing in a VIP room (access level 3) in a Habitat.
    • You could even put a few armed guards in front of the door to his room. 🙂


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