Rescue Missions—An Appeal

If any devs are reading this. . .

Would it be possible to activate auto-docking for rescue missions? It’s optional, so hardcore players can not use it. But I’m old, my eyes aren’t that good, my eye-hand is not great, and I can’t afford a joystick right now. Yet I love this game. Let me play it in the way that makes me happy.

I spent over three hours flying out to the Coalsack to try these missions. I don’t have a lot of money—about 11millon—and I got jumped and destroyed once on the way for a 2.3 million loss. I got to Bettancourt though and prepped. Had all the right gear. Had watched videos. Tried to get in and grt passengers. But I use the docking computer and couldn’t get down before getting side-whacked. Got out just in time. 30k of repairs. Tried again this time I stayed near the mail slot and tried to collect debris. Got some, using some of my 12 heatsinks. But I got side-whacked by wreckage again, got pinned, and was destroyed by running out of time. Woke up in prison far away. Another 2.3 million gone.

At this point I just want to put the game on the shelf. I only paid $8, but I have a couple hundred hours, and as I said I really like it. But it’s only got one speed. Please recognize that not all players are young and agile. Let us have done flexibility to also enjoy what the game offers.


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