Rescued by a hero from the past.

Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

So the other day I got in a bit over my head. I saw one of those stone circles in the Swamp. The kind that house chests and spawners. Like the reckless Viking that I am, I screamed a joyful war cry and leapt into the fray.

Briefly. Turned out there were 2 Skeleton spawners and 3 Draugr spawners. Two of the Draugr spawners decided to simultaneously spawn bow-wielding 2-star Draugr. I managed to take one of them down, as well as one of the Draugr spawners, before meeting an untimely end.

Which left me in a bit of a pickle. All my stuff was sitting in the middle of that stone circle, which still held 2 Skeleton spawners, 2 Draugr spawners, and a host of Skeletons and Draugr (at least one of which was 2-star).

I tried the usual tricks. About a dozen times. I reached the circle on most of my attempts, but that's about it. It looked pretty hopeless.

I considered my options. Starting over was an option, but I had just started this playthrough when H&H dropped, so I really didn't want to go there. I thought about calling the Body Recovery Squad, but before I took that step I figured I would try one more time (or two or three) before doing so.

I booted up the game, but when I got to the character selection screen, I noticed the little arrows next to my character's name. And got an idea. I selected a character from a previous playthrough (before H&H dropped), but loaded him into my current world. He made his way to the Swamp (the long way – I should have taken a few minutes to arrange the portals better with my current character), then made reasonably short work of a dozen or so mobs and 4 spawners. I then logged my new character back in and recovered all my stuff.

I have decided I will keep this 'feature' in my future playthroughs. In my Head Canon, the 'feature' is called: "Odin Sends Help To Save Me From My Stupidity".


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