Reserve Bunker as a SCAV

I want to preface this by saying this isn't a complaint, I want to know if other peoples experiences line up with my own.

As I'm a bit directionless in the game currently, I tend to just throw my Scavs into Reserve to try and grab some leftovers from the bunker, and possibly enouncter some PMC's or Raiders. However I've found that most of the time down there I run into another player scav who is a bit too trigger happy, or end up getting jumped by one after looting a bit myself. While I think Scav Karma is a really cool mechanic, it's by no means law, so I completely get if people want to off me to get the good shit for themselves, but I often think people are just going down there fully expevting to see PMC's and Raiders only. Am I just being absurdly unlucky, or do most people find that this is the case if they head down there as a Scav?


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