Reserve feels empty, not for loot, but for quests

I just want to know what everyone thinks about Reserve. Personally, I think it's a fun map for Shooter Born in Heaven (SBiH) but that is quite literally the only reason I went there, in terms of quests. The bunker quest is so quick to finish that I'm not even including it. What I am comparing to is Shoreline, it has at least a dozen quests. Shoreline is not a better map than Reserve and I want more reasons to go to Reserve instead of being stuck on Snoreline.

I think reserve needs more quests, just SBiH makes it feel like I am going there for only 2 reasons, loot and 100m headshots. I think, right now, that the map feels more like a budget Labs but I also don't think that that makes a good map design. Labs is a PVP and loot fest because of its buy-in, you need good loot there if you want to pay off your kit.

Reserve doesn't have that, if I'm not poor and I'm not grinding for the AESAs for the solar panel then I never go there. Ill scav onto Reserve to kill the Raiders tho, get their loot and get out. But that's another problem with Reserve, player scavs spawn in so early because all the players leave so quickly. Get loot, get out, let the play scavs roam around at 30min.

TL;DR: Reserve needs more quests, it's all loot running and all leaving in the first 10min. I think Reserve could become a map I go-to for other reasons than SBiH, Shoreline does not need so many fucking quests.


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