Reshade was never a problem, and I shall explain why.

Reshade was CAPABLE of THREE things:

  1. Change color vibrancy

  2. Add special effects such as bloom, HDR and ambient occlusion

  3. Change game gamma and brightness

How many effects affected gamma and brightness? Only 4 of them. 4 simple shaders that BSG could manually block but decided to fuck everyone over and ban the ENTIRE program instead. These specific shaders are: DPX.fx (Increases brightness), HDR.fx (Despite it's main purpose being the addition of HDR, you can change it's values to increase game brightness and lift up the gamma), LiftGammaGain.fx (self-explanatory), Technicolor.fx (It's main purpose is changing color vibrancy and hues, but you can change it's values to increase brightness and gamma too)

That's it. Just for those 4 effects BSG blocked the entire god damn program. The people using it for gamma and brightness lifting will simply use the trillion others programs out there that do the same thing, or, even simpler, change their monitor settings.

THE REST of us, who used reshade for it's bloody awesome visual effects, have 0 alternatives. Only nvidia users have a half-assed alternative, the nvidia freestyle. We, the AMD users, have nothing. Simple color vibrancy is nowhere near close to what reshade provided us with. BSG has removed a great helpful program just because the community over-exaggerated on reshade's capability for "cheating".


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